I Got My Front Limber Kick Over!

Yay I got my front limber kick over. If you were wondering what a front limber kick over it is a kind of gymnastics skill. How I got my front limber kick over was that I was just in my parents room doing gymnastics. I was trying to do a front limber and I did it. When I was doing the kick over it was pretty hard but I got it!! A front limber is when you do a handstand and then go into a bridge. A kick over is when you are doing some sort of bridge skill you take one of your legs and kick them over and then your other leg will get up.  Hope you Enjoy!


Here are the steps below:








jannat 1





Kick over


3 comments to I Got My Front Limber Kick Over!

  1. Shinae says:

    Wow you must be an amazing gymnast!! I am also love Gymnastics. Some of the things I can do are a Side Aerial, a Front Aerial, a Back handspring, a front handspring, a backflip and a back tuck. Your Blog is really good. I cant wait to see a lot more. Please come and visit my blog.

  2. Rebecca! says:

    Good blog! I love that you did that!

  3. Roxy Online says:

    Dear Jannat,
    I think it’s awesome that you do gymnastics because I also do gymnastics. I can do this thing where I pass my head through my leg.

    Website: All Things Quebec.

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