Book Review-Dork Diaries

dork diaries

Today, I am going to do a book review on the book, Dork Diaries Tales from a NOT-SO-Smart Miss Know-It-All. It is the 5th book in the series. The author who wrote the book is Rachel Renee Russell.  It is a amazing book an really funny to.

The story is about a girl named Nikki, Nikki’s arch enemy MacKenzie, Nikki’s crush,Brandon and Nikki’s two best friends Chloe and Zoey. In the story MacKenzie has started writing a gossip column in the schools newspaper, WCCDMS also known as West Chester Country Day Middle School. Their might be a chance for her to involve Nikki’s crush, Brandon and she does not want MacKenzie reporting to the whole world. So then Nikki joins the school newspaper staff-and ends up as a advice columnist! She has fun answering peoples letters if they need help or some advice. Nikki went to the office to go get her mailbox to attach on the wall. Mackenzie’s best friend Jessica was their and she stuffed the box in her face. It was the most ugliest box ever. Since she had her friends by her side, they all decorated it together and soon it was the best box ever. The next day Nikki went to go get and check her mailbox and there was  a few letters. Then she went to the other box down the hall and there was more letters to. Nikki was so happy she started doing her Snoopy Happy Dance. Later that day she went to go answer them and she was so tired that her best friends Chloe and Zoey had to help answer a few for her. The next day Nikki went to her box and MacKenzie saw her. MacKenzie said,”What are you doing? Are you trying to steal the letters.. I’m telling”. Nikki started freaking out. Soon she had to go to the office but MacKenzie mostly got in trouble. So that’s how the story went.

Here is a picture of the author: