Rainbow Looms

Rainbow Looms is a fun and really creative thing to do if you are bored or its raining outside and you have nothing to do. ┬áIf you don’t know what Rainbow Looms is… it’s where you get to make colourful rubber band bracelets. If you buy a Rainbow Looms kit inside there will be… a making kit,600 colourful rubber bands,a stick to get hard rubber bands out, and a instructions manual to make a a Single Chain Bracelet. Some of the bracelets are Triple Single Bracelet,Star Burst Bracelet,Rainbow Ladder Bracelet and many more.

Here is the URL to the Rainbow Looms site:


Here are a few pictures:



This is a Triple Single Bracelet




This is the Rainbow Looms kit



This is a Star Burst Bracelet



These are all the Rainbow Looms Bracelets



In this picture there is the making kit and the rubber bands



This is someone making a bracelet… Star Burst Bracelet





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  1. wesnarawofi says:

    You are so right about being board and theres nothing to do so you can play with your rainbow loom. I dont know why but its so fun making braclets and if you dont know how to make it the easiest way is to go on yutube !!!!!

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