Spring is…

Spring is blooming flowers

Spring is rainy days

Spring is playing outside

Spring is warm weather

Spring is my birthday

Spring is going to the park

Spring is jumping in puddles

Spring is climbing on trees

Spring is wearing t-shirts and shorts

Spring is fresh air

Spring is sunny days

Spring is riding your bike

Spring is jumping on the trampoline

Spring is going to your friends house

Spring is green grass

Spring is wearing sandals

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Top 10 Things I Want to be When I Grow up!

Todat I I’m going to tell you the top ten things I want to be when I grow up.

When I grow up I want to be a….

1. Doctor-Help people feel better and not sick

2.Dentist-Want to make peoples teeth shiny,healthy and clean

3. Actress-Making movies and becoming famous

4. Photographer-Make pictures of beautiful pictures and wild animals

5. Model- Putting on really awesome dresses and modelling it

6.Traveler- Travel around the whole world

7. Scientist- Make or invent awesome,amazing things

8. Designer- Design cool shirts,dresses,pants while people are trying them on

9.Directer-Direct awesome movies for everyone to have fun watching it

10. Real-estate- Buy houses and sell houses for people

What do you guys want to be when you grow up? Leave a comment down below to share.