My Future!

Hey Everyone. Today I am going to be telling you my future. This is for Blog Challenge Week 9. Enjoy


First up lets start with my career. I have many jobs that I  want to be when I grow up. I would like to be a Dentist,Doctor,Artist and a Actress. I want to be a dentist because I really like making my teeth strong and healthy. It will probably be fun helping people to get their teeth strong and beautiful. I also want to be a Doctor. Doctors are really important because if you need surgery or anything else basically only a doctor can do it…Right? I want to be an Artist because first of all I love to draw and make arts and crafts. It will be really fun to draw portraits and it might be in  a Museum some day. Lastly I want to be a Actress. I want to make people laugh in movies. I want to become famous.


In my future I want ot have 2 pets. I don’t want to be all alone in my house so they will keep me company. I would like to have a parrot. Parrots to me are very colourful and cute. What I love about them is that they copy what ever you say. Thats awesome. I would also like to have a kitten.I don’t know which kind. Anyways I also think that they are very cute and soft. They will be the perfect pet to play with.


Lastly Where I would like to live. I haven’t decided if I want to move from Canada because it is such a awesome and beautiful place. I would like to have a nice clean and tidy house. I don’t like a dirty house. I don’t want a big house  or a small house just a nice medium sized house for me and my family.


That is my future. I hope you guys Enjoyed. I hope this is how my future is going to turn out. Anyways Bye

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  1. Miss W. says:

    G’day Jannat,
    What an interesting post. To be either a doctor or dentist will mean many years studying at university. Maybe your art work will help pay the costs of all that studying.

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