Blog Challenge-Week 10-(Part B)- Evaluation and audit

This week, we had to evaluat and audit you blog. We also had to answer queastions about your blog. Here are my answers:

How many post did you write?
I wrote 40 posts

How many were school based, your own intersts or set by a challenge?
23 posts were school based
1 posts were my own intersts
16 posts were set by a challenge

How many comments have you received from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
11 comments from classmates
2 commets from teachers
5 comments from students overseas
All togethere I have 18 commets

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
The post that received the most commets is “I got my Front Limber Kickover” I think I got the most comments on this post because when I read the comments I see many people say that I like gymnastics, we have alot in common and many more. I love doing gymnastics so thats why I write posts about it.

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
The post that I enjoyed writing was Blog Challenge-Week 9-Doing my best. For that challenge there were four topics that you get to choose from and write about it in a post. I wrote about My Future. It was really fun for me because I could tell my future. I could tell what job I want, what type of pet I would like and were I would like to live. It was just really fun to me!
Here is a link to that post:

Did you change blog themes at all and why?
Yes I have changed my blogs themes. I have changed it 2 times. The very first one I had was Notepad Chaos. I changed it because I didn’t like it that much because it takes to much time to load. Some people like that theme and some people don’t. That theme is O.K. to me. The second one that I have right know is Quintus. I really like this because I like the style of it. I didn’t really like the background at first because it was a dark brown with strips. So, I changed it to my favourite colour turquoise but then I changed it into flowers for the spring and I really like it.

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
I have five widgets. 2 stamps/badges. One of it says Student Blogging Challenge 2013 and the other one says Student Blogging Challenge 2014. I also have a little weather sort of map which tells the weather in Paris, FR and Mississauga, ON. Also, I have this little Live Traffic Feed which tells you who checked out your blog. Just click on it to get your own Live Traffic Feed. The last widget I have is the calendar witch tells the date but it is one day back. I think I have a little less not alot but just a little. I don’t want to much because some people get distracted from the widgets instead of reading the blog.

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?
I don’t have a blogroll.

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