What I like to do when am bored!

When am bored I love to do Rainbow Looms. A few months ago, I did a post about Rainbow Looms. Here is the link to it:


Rainbow Looms is loads of fun! Everytime I open my kit, I try to make something new. I made some charms and bracelets. In total I have 19 bracelet/charms.

Here is a picture of all the bracelets I made:


In this picture the bracelets that I made are Starburts bracelet, Fishtail, Triple single, Triple single Headband, Rainbow Loom Ladder and many more.

Here is a picture of all the charms I made:


Here are all the charms I made. The bow that you see in the picture used the most rubber bands to make. To make it you will need 300 rubber bands thats a lot. You can make that bow into a hairbow a braclet and many more. Below that I have some charms. The first one is a peace sign that looks like a heart. It is sort of hard to see.The second one is a glass of orange juice. The third one is a snow cone. The forth one is a icecream sundae. The last one is a birthday cupcake. Know I am going to tell you what I made first to last in the charms. (Bow is not included)

1: Snowcone

2: Orange juice

3: Birthday cupcake

4: Icecream sundae

5: Heart peace sign

Did you make anything out of Rainbow Looms?

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