Thank you !!

I’d like to thank all my fans who keep supporting me with the positive comments. Thank you for coming to my blog even though I don’t post a lot but I promise you I will post more. Keep joining me on my adventure and welcome to the family


What I like to do when am bored!

When am bored I love to do Rainbow Looms. A few months ago, I did a post about Rainbow Looms. Here is the link to it:

Rainbow Looms is loads of fun! Everytime I open my kit, I try to make something new. I made some charms and bracelets. In total I have 19 bracelet/charms.

Here is a picture of all the bracelets I made:


In this picture the bracelets that I made are Starburts bracelet, Fishtail, Triple single, Triple single Headband, Rainbow Loom Ladder and many more.

Here is a picture of all the charms I made:


Here are all the charms I made. The bow that you see in the picture used the most rubber bands to make. To make it you will need 300 rubber bands thats a lot. You can make that bow into a hairbow a braclet and many more. Below that I have some charms. The first one is a peace sign that looks like a heart. It is sort of hard to see.The second one is a glass of orange juice. The third one is a snow cone. The forth one is a icecream sundae. The last one is a birthday cupcake. Know I am going to tell you what I made first to last in the charms. (Bow is not included)

1: Snowcone

2: Orange juice

3: Birthday cupcake

4: Icecream sundae

5: Heart peace sign

Did you make anything out of Rainbow Looms?

Tell me in the comments


Blog Challenge-Week 10-(Part B)- Evaluation and audit

This week, we had to evaluat and audit you blog. We also had to answer queastions about your blog. Here are my answers:

How many post did you write?
I wrote 40 posts

How many were school based, your own intersts or set by a challenge?
23 posts were school based
1 posts were my own intersts
16 posts were set by a challenge

How many comments have you received from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
11 comments from classmates
2 commets from teachers
5 comments from students overseas
All togethere I have 18 commets

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
The post that received the most commets is “I got my Front Limber Kickover” I think I got the most comments on this post because when I read the comments I see many people say that I like gymnastics, we have alot in common and many more. I love doing gymnastics so thats why I write posts about it.

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
The post that I enjoyed writing was Blog Challenge-Week 9-Doing my best. For that challenge there were four topics that you get to choose from and write about it in a post. I wrote about My Future. It was really fun for me because I could tell my future. I could tell what job I want, what type of pet I would like and were I would like to live. It was just really fun to me!
Here is a link to that post:

Did you change blog themes at all and why?
Yes I have changed my blogs themes. I have changed it 2 times. The very first one I had was Notepad Chaos. I changed it because I didn’t like it that much because it takes to much time to load. Some people like that theme and some people don’t. That theme is O.K. to me. The second one that I have right know is Quintus. I really like this because I like the style of it. I didn’t really like the background at first because it was a dark brown with strips. So, I changed it to my favourite colour turquoise but then I changed it into flowers for the spring and I really like it.

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
I have five widgets. 2 stamps/badges. One of it says Student Blogging Challenge 2013 and the other one says Student Blogging Challenge 2014. I also have a little weather sort of map which tells the weather in Paris, FR and Mississauga, ON. Also, I have this little Live Traffic Feed which tells you who checked out your blog. Just click on it to get your own Live Traffic Feed. The last widget I have is the calendar witch tells the date but it is one day back. I think I have a little less not alot but just a little. I don’t want to much because some people get distracted from the widgets instead of reading the blog.

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?
I don’t have a blogroll.

My Favourite Game!

fire boy

This is my favourite game. It is called Fireboy and Watergirl in The Ice Temple. The reason why I like it is because it is a two player game and you can play with your friends or you can play alone. You can find this game at cool math games. This game is really fun to play because it involves thinking like for instance you are stuck on a level you have to think on how to get there. There are more Fireboy and Watergirl games also on cool math games. Hope you guys check it out and play it.

Here is a URL to the site:

What is your favorite game to play? Leave a comment on this post



Blog Challenge-Week 10-What makes a great blog

Here is a Animoto that I made that describes ”What makes a great blog”


This week we had to nominate someone for the Edublogs Award. I picked a students blog. The person that I nominate  is Aashi’s Blog. Here are some great reasons why I nominate her blog:

  • Her background image/picture is bright and colorful
  • Her heading is in a bright neon pink color so it can stand out and readers can read it
  • She doesn’t have annoying or disturbing background noises or widgets
  • Her widgets show links to other peoples blog so when your reading her blog you can check out her friends blogs
  • She had different pages/columns that show different things it’s not just on all one page. Example Assignments,Events and much more

Here is a URL to her blog:

I can’t wait in-till to find out who is the winner!

Happy Nominating

My Future!

Hey Everyone. Today I am going to be telling you my future. This is for Blog Challenge Week 9. Enjoy


First up lets start with my career. I have many jobs that I  want to be when I grow up. I would like to be a Dentist,Doctor,Artist and a Actress. I want to be a dentist because I really like making my teeth strong and healthy. It will probably be fun helping people to get their teeth strong and beautiful. I also want to be a Doctor. Doctors are really important because if you need surgery or anything else basically only a doctor can do it…Right? I want to be an Artist because first of all I love to draw and make arts and crafts. It will be really fun to draw portraits and it might be in  a Museum some day. Lastly I want to be a Actress. I want to make people laugh in movies. I want to become famous.


In my future I want ot have 2 pets. I don’t want to be all alone in my house so they will keep me company. I would like to have a parrot. Parrots to me are very colourful and cute. What I love about them is that they copy what ever you say. Thats awesome. I would also like to have a kitten.I don’t know which kind. Anyways I also think that they are very cute and soft. They will be the perfect pet to play with.


Lastly Where I would like to live. I haven’t decided if I want to move from Canada because it is such a awesome and beautiful place. I would like to have a nice clean and tidy house. I don’t like a dirty house. I don’t want a big house  or a small house just a nice medium sized house for me and my family.


That is my future. I hope you guys Enjoyed. I hope this is how my future is going to turn out. Anyways Bye


What I like to do outside on a hot Summer day or in the Spring time, I like to go swimming. I have a swimming pool in my backyard. Me and my two brothers go in the pool in the Summer and Spring…it’s a blast! I also learn lessons at the community pool. I am in level 6. It’s hard but its fun. What you get to to do in swimming is lots of things like front crawl, back crawl, whip kick and many more skills. You can also do jumps into the water like dive, normal jump, front flip, pencil dive and lots and lots of more. Swimming is a great sport to get your body moving. It helps your muscles get stronger and you can save someones life. Swimming is a great sport and I think that you should try it to!




This is a pictute of someone doing Front Crawl (swimming skill)


This is a picture of someone doing a Pencil Dive (jump)