Blog Challenge-Week 6- Different Foods

Some of the foods that my family eat is from our home country, Here are some…

The foods I eat are…

-Biryani- which is a kind of rice with chicken

– Kabob- kind of meat

– Butter Chicken- is my favourite home country food

– Pizza Keema- this is a kind of pizza that has this meat called keema in it

– Naan- Go’s with everything you eat

– Meatballs- meatballs is a kind of meat the way we do it is we put in egg

-Boti- is a chicken

– Keema- It is a kind of meat you eat with roti

Some of the desserts that my family eat are…

– Faloda- is a icecream that is cold sweet and yummy

– Kulfi- its like a popcicle but sweeter

These are some of the things that I eat from my home country.



Biryani 2

Butter Chicken:







Numbers Dedicated To Place Value

1’s= In many African territories their are fewer then 1 dentist to every 100 000 people living there.

10’s= In 2002 7% of the world population was over 65 years old.

100’s= In 104 territories boys and girls are equally enrolled.

1000’s= 133,121000 babies were born in the year 2000.

10 000’s= In Kuwait 10 000 times more was spent per person living there in Ghana.

Blog Challenge- Week 5- HUMAN rights

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My class has raised money for cancer and Terry Fox. The whole school ran around the school area and even around the field. This year we ran money for cancer and of course Terry Fox because he had cancer and then he died. Our class goal was to at least bring a dollar. I helped by bringing two dollars. We raised a lot of money and we came second place. I felt really proud of being a part of helping people with cancer and cancer research. I realized that every penny counts. Our schools goal was to earn 4000.00 dollars. When our school counted up all the money we raised over more then 130.00 dollars. Am happy to be a part of something.

Human Rights

Everyone in the world has rights. Here are some:

Everyone has a right to…

– Be respected by others

–  Speak a different language

–  Have food,water and shelter

– Have their own privacy

– Were whatever clothing they want to

– Every child should have a family

Terry Fox:



human r

Blog Challenge- Week 2- Mississauga


Mississauga is 39 years old. Mississauga has population 704,000! The person who named Mississauga were the first nations. Mississauga is the 6th largest city. Mississauga is located at Greater Toronto Area. Mississauga was established is 1974 that’s a long time back! In Mississauga there’s a place close to Square One and that’s called Celebration Square! Celebration Square is a place were you can go to see concerts,performances and much more and the best part is it’s FREE!!! The name Mississauga comes from the Anishinaabe word Misi-zaagiing, meaning “[Those at the] Great River-mouth. Meadowvale town centre is a centre were there is a library,clothes it’s sort of like a mall. The mayor who runs Mississauga her name is Hazel Callion. She was the first elected mayor and shes i nice a beautiful women and keeps Mississauga clean Mississauga has lots of big and great places!

Map of Mississauga: