Blog Challenge-Week 10-What makes a great blog

Here is a Animoto that I made that describes ”What makes a great blog”


This week we had to nominate someone for the Edublogs Award. I picked a students blog. The person that I nominate ┬áis Aashi’s Blog. Here are some great reasons why I nominate her blog:

  • Her background image/picture is bright and colorful
  • Her heading is in a bright neon pink color so it can stand out and readers can read it
  • She doesn’t have annoying or disturbing background noises or widgets
  • Her widgets show links to other peoples blog so when your reading her blog you can check out her friends blogs
  • She had different pages/columns that show different things it’s not just on all one page. Example Assignments,Events and much more

Here is a URL to her blog:

I can’t wait in-till to find out who is the winner!

Happy Nominating

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